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MegaCon Tampa Bay is a three day pop culture event in Tampa Bay, Florida, running in the Fall. The event is brought to you by the same team that produces the long-running MegaCon event in the Spring.

A martian geekophile who wants to ride a Bicycle made of meat.

After its wildly successful first year, Epicon is returning for the year 2016!  The convention will be held on November 5th & 6th (Saturday and Sunday).



Where Geeks Come To Hang!

Holiday Matsuri is a super fun, festively themed, fan friendly event. Every December thousands of attendees come together to enjoy cosplay, celebrate their fandoms, and give back to the community!

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Has one job as a roadie... Screws it up constantly... 

CoastCon is Mississippi’s longest running and largest science fiction, fantasy and gaming convention. 

Deadpool Speaks:

Charles "Stark" Watson

Chimi-Chum Chain Gang!

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Pensacon: Pensacola Comic Con 2017 is an all-inclusive event that encompasses many genres of the fan community. Expect Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Comics, Anime, Gaming and much more!

Holiday Matsuri! (Media) 

The guy who brings our world to life!


Member of Florida Con-Artist, cosplayer, Convention Reporter 

Bitten by a radioactive Gama ray exposed Smurf as a child, he grew up with the inability to shut up. 

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