From Dreams To Kickstarter: Self Publishing 101

Jedi/Hogwarts Training Academy

We host a 45 minute to 1 hour Karaoke themed contest! Like any great game, your song is chosen by luck and it can be done in groups or alone! Roll of the dice determines the winners and an epic Karaoke-off will break up any ties! 

Voices In My Head: Podcasting 101

We host a 45 minute to 1 hour Trivia game catered to your convention's theme or we can select the subject matter! Full participation is encouraged with varied skill levels!



Making It Sprinkle: Using Social Media to get Paid 

Hosted at our table throughout the day, a pair of lucky contestants get to test their epic hand at drawing totally geeky themes! Like Pictionary, but for geeks! 

Batman Detective Agency

From Emcee to moderating, we do it all. Our unique take on geeky culture allows us to connect with the fans, and have fun in the process!

Learn the power of observation with Batman! Someone has committed a crime and Batman needs help to find out who! 

Learn how to start a podcast from the ground up! The best part, we teach you how to do it for free!!! From establishing your brand, to getting the interview, to building an audience, we teach you the whole shebang without spending any beans.

You have questions about getting paid? We have answers about getting change!! We can't make it rain, but we can make it sprinkle!!! Learn how to use social media to boost your numbers and increase your pocket change! #FlickinNickles

Emcee & Moderating!

Great for the little ones, a book reading of "If You Give A Geek A Light Saber"!  


Oh My Geek Trivia!

Want to game for an audience, but don't know how? Let us show you how easy it is to setup your twitch channel and what to do after it's up!

Do you have the next epic novel roaming around in your head? Well we can show you how to turn that dream into a self published work that you will be proud of! Let us show you how!

We can be a great addition

to your convention!

Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghost Hunting 101 

Shame Of Thrones!

Official website of "Puppets are Puppets too"

Adult Panels!

Use the force or cast a spell! Let us teach these young wizards/padawans how imagination can go far!

(This panel requires a $50 material fee) 

The Itch to Twitch: Twitch Gaming 101

"If You Give A Geek" Book Reading

The science of ghost hunting 101 led by TAPS and Panhandle Paranormal Investigator's co-founding member, Dr. Ehvil Bheard. He will teach you how to get started and how to do it right! You're not afraid of no ghost, you just want to debunk them!

We host a 45 minute to 1 hour improv game with full crowd interaction! How lucky is your roll? Leave your pride at the door and challenge the D20 as we see who is the king/queen of all things silly and take your rightful place atop the SHAME OF THRONES! 

Kids Panels!

We host a 45 minute to 1 hour performances themed contest! So you think you know the words? Who cares! It's all about the performance!! Strive to be the best fake performer you can be!